Alex Pan K

Alex Pan K is a current of absolutely reviving air into modern art.

His utterly unconventional way of thinking, brilliant and many-sided talent sets him apart from others.

The author is brutally honest in his work, true in his aspirations, expression of original world outlook.

By no means is he inclined to resemble Art Bohemia. He pursues his own way uncompromisingly.

Alexey is a successful athlete, champion of Ukraine. Healthy life comes absolutely natural to him.

His open-mindedness raises works that are unique in terms of its laconicalness. It is a naked truth that is free from any invented extraneous features.

A clear, direct, naive thought is well pronounced in his works.

Powerful and pure energy of his paintings strikes the beholder. There is a desire to live with his canvases, to contemplate, to feel their truly life-giving energy.